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Commercial Interest?

Do you have an interest in commercial bigleaf maple procurement and/or processing or other? We'd love to learn more about it so we can better understand how we might help you. Answer as many or few of the questions below that you like. The information you provide is not intended as research data for publication and we won't share your information beyond our project. However, please do not share anything you feel is confidential or sensitive. Thank you.

- What type of land do you manage and/or own (e.g., private, 100 acres)

- Where do you have bigleaf maple tree stands--nearest town(s)?

- Ideal commercial runs slope downward from the first tree tapped to an end collection point on a rock road/trail that is accessible year round. Do you have a stand(s) that fits this model?

- Provide a brief description of your stand(s) including the approximate number of trees greater than 6" DBH (diameter at breast height).

- How does your employment/work connect to your interest in bigleaf maple sugaring?

- Briefly describe your interest in bigleaf maple tapping, processing, training, and/or marketing?

- Do you have any previous experience tapping any types of trees (e.g., sugar maple, birch, walnut, beach)? If yes, please briefly describe.

- Have you sold bigleaf maple products (e.g., syrup, sap/water, flowers, lumber, firewood, figured wood, art such as leaf pressings)? If yes, please list.

- Do you want to meet other landowners involved with bigleaf maple sugaring?