This section is under development and a first draft is expected by the end of January 2023. OSU food safety experts, in communication with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, are working on establishing food safety guidelines for maple food products beginning with bigleaf maple syrup. Other foods, such as maple water, will be evaluated after syrup. In the meantime you can follow best practices from the sugar maple industry in the northeast.

If you are in Oregon and have started to selling maple syrup or other tree sap-based food products you need to contact the Oregon Department of Agricultural to get licensed if you haven't already.

Planning Commercial Production?

If you are anticipating commercial production and sales, until guidelines specific to Oregon maple syrup and other sap-based foods production are released we recommend familiarizing yourself with:

A part of our work at OSU is to identify what applies to maple sap-based foods like syrup and eventually, other tree sap-foods that occur in Oregon and are of commercial interest. Keep in mind that not everything in Division 25 and Title 21 applies to maple syrup production and many rules will need interpreting in the context of maple syrup & edible tree sap food processing in general. Our goal is to make following the rules as simple as possible for you to meet the rule requirements. Where rules do apply they will have to be followed if you want to be a licensed commercial facility processing syrup and other sap-based foods for wholesale and/or retail sale. 

Farm Direct law revision

The Oregon Farm Direct law was passed in 2011 and allows farms to process eligible products in their farm food processing facilities (e.g., home kitchen) to be sold directly to the consumer. In late 2023 the rule will be finalized to include maple syrup in the revision. You can follow this process at Friends of Family Farmers, a non-profit organization we recommend you consider joining if you are interested in commercial production. Once the rules are finalized by Oregon Department of Agriculture you will the corresponding guidance from OSU here.

Links to Other Background Resources on Oregon Farm Direct:

Food Safety Resources from Other States

The following food safety resources come from the sugar maple industry in the Eastern United States and Canada. These materials were the most recent found for these states as of 01/01/2023.